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Sælges: Lot of 2 - Samsung SV-5000W Worldwide VHS Format VCR NTSC PAL SECAM w/ 1 Remote

Pris: 1000 kr
Kategori: Hi-Fi og video \ Diverse afspillere
Stand: Brugt
Oprettet: 31/12-2017


6440 Augustenborg

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Pris 1000 kr.

Bemærk to stk videoer i HF-FI stereo indspilning og afspilning.

WORLD WIDE VIDEO CONVERTER inbygget og nemt at bruge.

Video Features
Worldwide NTSC PAL SECAM playback on any monitor: advanced digital standards conversion circuitry lets you playback VHS tapes recorded in any of the worlds major TV broadcast systems-on any monitor (e.g. can playback a PAL tape on an NTSC monitor), except SECAM-L
Worldwide tape conversion: Converts NTSC tapes into PAL OR SECAM; PAL tapes into NTSC or SECAM; and SECAM tapes into NTSC OR PAL
Worldwide TV broadcast tuner: Record from the broadcast standards listed above
6-event/1-month timer fokr programm multiple recordings
Diamond Head long life video head system: A carbon laminate seals the video heads from dirt reduces wear substantially increases video head life and eliminates the need for regular head cleaning
Digital variable speed slow motion still and fram advance for a noise-free jitter-free image reproduction that is far superior to analog images seen on standard VCRs
Digital strobe special effect gives impression of movement under strobe lighting with normal sound. Adjustable in 5 steps 1 frame per 8 fields to 1 frame per 128 fields
Dual azimuth 4-head recording/playback delivers beautiful crystal clear pictures in freeze frame slow motion and high speed picture search
Narrow width video head (26 Micron Head Gap) for improved playback picture quality in SLP mode
Picture sharpness control for adjusting the picture to produce softer or more defined edges
Quasi S-VHS playback capability for playing the higher resolution S-VHS recordings
VCR Plus+ Video Plus Showview G-Code: Worldwide easy timer programming capability
Original input display (monitor) keeps track on the original input signal during the conversion recording
Audio Features
MTS Stereo Decoder (NTSC only) receives TV and unscrambled cable broadcasts in stereo
Second audio program (SAP) capability with second language audio capability
VHS Hi-Fi stereo recording and playback provides spectacular audio performance with wide dynamic range and extended frequency response
Audio dubbing allows recording new audio (e.g. background music or voice-over naration) in place of existing audio without erasing the video. Allows language translation of tapes by re-recording over the longitudinal audio track
Worldwide AC power input (100v-240v 50/60 Hz) for operating the VCR anywhere in the world
Large visual fluorescent display provides readout for time real time tape counter system conversion information cassette insert indicator andaudio level meters
Auto system select: VCR automatically identifies and selects the correct broadcast system of the source tape (with manual override available)
High speed mechanism rewinds and fast forwards a T-120 tape in less than 2 minutes (180x in SLP)
Jog/Shuttle control on remote: It's what the professionals use to control playback. Rotate the inner jog dial for frame-by-frame play back. Turn the outer shuttle ring for variable slow motion and high-speed search (all in forward & reverse directions)
Front-panel audio/video inputs for convenient line input from another video device or camcorder
Skip/scan function lets you "drop-in" and scan the picture in FF or REW mode at the touch of a button
Six language on-screen display: English French Spanish German Italian and Japanese
181-channel frequency synthesized tuning capability
Quick start mechanism for fast access to the video image within 1.5 seconds and a shorter response time between functions
Digital auto tracking adjusts positioning of the video heads to assure best picture and sound quality. Manual adjustment is available
Real time counter in hours minutes and seconds
Tape remaining display in hours and minutes on screen and on the front panel LED display
Auto play when cassette tape is inserted (defeatable)
HQ video circuitry plus luminance noise reduction (YNR): The YNR enhancement circuitry improves picture quality by increasing increasing signal-to-noise ratio by more than 1.5dB
Luminescent remote control with jog/shuttle funtions
Remote eject button provides armchair convenience in ejecting the tape when finished viewing so the tape is not left stretched around the video head drum
Six hour memory backup

Format: VHS standard
TV system input/output: NTSC 3.58 NTSC 4.43 PAL PAL-N PAL-M SECAM MESECAM
Tape recording/playback: NTSC PAL PAL-M SECAM MESECAM
NTSC/PAL-M recording speed: SP/SLP
NTSC/PAL-M playback speeds: SP/LP/SLP
PAL/PAL-N/SECAM recording and playback speeds: SP/LP
Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 kHZ (VHS Hi-Fi)
Video and L/R audio input: Phono type(1 front 1 rear)
Video and L/R audio output: Phono type(1 front 1 rear)
Power requirement: 110 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: Approximately 24 watts
Net dimensions: 17"(W)x3 1/8"(H)x11 5/8"(D)
Net weight: 9 1/2 lbs